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Mysterious Internal Bleeding

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 1:25 PM
:bulletwhite: Have to go to an OBGYN...
The DD was amazing news yesterday, considering the doctors' appointment that came before it. Basically I am bleeding from somewhere, possibly my ovaries or cervix, but they are not sure. I have been bleeding vaginally for weeks and there is a mild amount of blood in my urine. I don't have a bladder infection or a UTI, so we need to find out what is bleeding and why. Cervical and ovarian cancer both run in my family, rampant. I have to admit this has me worried... but that's ok because the DD made it all better. Thank you for that everyone. :la:

:bulletwhite: Update on mom...
You can barely tell she's had a stroke. She's pretty much at 100% of her normal self. We are all thankful for that. She even cooked us a big dinner on Easter, so yay! :w00t: She is still on oxygen though, for now.

:bulletwhite: Elder Scrolls Online...
I should be getting it pretty soon. When I do, if you want to play it with me let me know so we can find each other and play it together. I would enjoy that. :)

actionless Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
first part sounds pretty goregrindish =)
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